Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Berry Carrier

We at Craftsman's Corner are most likely best known for our tables, benches, and cabinets; however, we also have multiple shelves, boxes, and bins that are both unique and functional. For today's post, we've decided to highlight one of our "bins", called the Berry Carrier. The Berry Carrier, like many of our boxes and bins, is often missed by our online shoppers who typically make it through our table, bench, and cabinet catalogs before making a purchase, causing many to completely overlook the products in our Boxes and Bins catalog.

The Berry Carrier is one of our least expensive products in our catalog, at just $66.50. Like all of our Reclaimed Wood Furniture products, it is coated in a wax finish to give it an antique look. The Carrier is built to the highest quality, with every joint both glued and nailed, including the handle. This means for you that the Berry Carrier will be able to hold more weight than you could possibly place in its tray, ensuring durability for years to come. The tray of the carrier is built large enough to hold anything from towels, to cleaning supplys. In the picture above, you can see an example of its use, as a dish towel holder on the counter.

If you like the old fashioned looks and finish of the Berry Carrier, you can click its name, or click here to go to its catalog page on We also offer many other similar products, including the Grain Box, Cutlery Box, Dough Box, and Candle Box to suit the many tastes and needs of our customers. If you do decide the Berry Carrier is right for you, you can purchase it, and recieve FREE shipping if you live in the continental United States. Stay tuned to our Craftsman's Corner blog for more product highlights, and be sure to browse our online catalogs!

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