Friday, November 26, 2010

Nina's Toy box

A few years ago, the folks at Habitat ReStoreKC called us to come rescue some nice old lumber from one of their deconstruction sites at Lake Latowana, Missouri. We removed a good sized trailer load and were able to make a lot of nice primitive furniture from wood of this old house. These pictures of the home, prior to deconstruction, were provided by the home owners.

A year or so later, a new family started attending our church. As we got to know them, they told the story of an old house at Lake Lotawana that had been in their family for years. The house had a lot of issues, and the family decided to pass it on to Habitat to deconstruct and planned a new house to go in its place. We were all surprised to learn that this was the same house that we rescued the wood from earlier. The owners, Henry and Nina, mentioned that it would have been nice to have a piece of furniture made from the wood of their old house. Since we tag and bundle all of our wood to include the address, we were able to find a few hundred board feet of lumber left from their house. Nina had been looking for a toy box to hold her grandkids toys, and asked if we had enough to make one.

Nina was pleased when we presented her with the design that you see to the left. Keeping the design simple and unassuming, we were able to highlight the age and beauty of the old wood with a nice hand-rubbed finish. The inside has ample space to store the toys and other items for the grandkids. When closed, it sits quietly waiting for its next playmate to come along.

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  1. I work with Habitat for Humanity Kansas City ReStore and just wanted to thank you for the mention and say that we're glad to be able to work with people like you!