Friday, November 26, 2010

Craftsman's Corner Donates

Recently were were asked to deconstruct a fairly new structure for St. Mary's Hospital, in Blue Springs, Missouri. We do not usually get involved in newer construction, but as always, we could not allow any good materials to go to the landfill. The area to deconstruct was a enclosed walkway from the building to a mobile heart unit. The Hospitals head of the Cardio Department was under strict time constraints when she contacted us.

We were able to take a day away from the shop and remove all of the reusable construction material. Knowing a network of community supporters that are always looking for material, we were able to filter the lumber, doors, siding, insulation, heating/AC, and lighting to different folks needing these items for their projects. This group of Craftsmen and organizations, donate their time and talent to needy families, elderly, and single parent home owners in the community.

Thanks you St. Mary's Medical Center of Blue Springs!

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