Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Country Cabinet

For this week's blog post, we've decided to highlight one of our cabinets - the Country Cabinet. Our Country Cabinet is one of our biggest sellers, but it's often times missed by our online shoppers because it's not located on our main Craftsman's Corner catalog pages. Like our other products, the Country Cabinet is built using our signature reclaimed wood and coated in a wax finish.

On the outside, you'll find the Country Cabinet has a familiar theme you've seen before on our other products, from its three slat door, to its unique distressed surfaces. As you look at the cabinet, take notice of the light striping going across the surfaces of the piece. Those are the remains of the rafters the lumber had rested on for the past several decades. 

If you look near the top of the door, you'll see we've fitted the cabinet with a unique old fashioned latch to add a touch of class and function to the Country Cabinet. Behind the door, you'll find a solid, center mounted wood shelf; sturdy enough to hold whatever you could possibly fit inside, whether it be books, clothes, towels, or even movies. Whatever you decide to place in, or on, the Country Cabinet, you can rest assured knowing that it's built to last. We nail and glue every joint, top, and shelf in place for long lasting durability. You'll also notice that we don't skimp out on our wax finish, we cover every nook and cranny, including underneath, and inside to ensure that the cabinet is sealed and safe from the elements.

Like all of our Reclaimed wood furniture, the Country Cabinet holds true to Craftsman's Corner's recycling philosophy, Reclaimed, Recycled, and Reborn, and is built entirely of reclaimed lumber. Even the debree left over from manufacturing each piece is donated to local horse stables to be reused. Unlike other products on the market, the Country Cabinet has built-in history, each nail hole, rafter mark, or dent is real; nothing is manufactured. This way, you'll always be left wondering if your piece is from a demolished building, off the roof of an old cottage, or even the planks making up the shelves of an old warehouse. If you'd like to know more about the Country Cabinet, visit our Other Great Products page, or send us an E-Mail, we'd be glad to tell you all the details!

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