Friday, June 25, 2010

Planter Box Bench

Recently, a local school near our production facility asked us to build them two custom benches to be placed by their main entrance, so we came up with a unique cypress bench design. Like our other cypress products, we stained the wood  to ensure it would resist the elements of nature. As you can see in the image on the left, the bench is made up of two square planter boxes with a central bench.

Having planter boxes on either side of the bench will provide a unique experience for the users of the bench. Whether that be from the fragrant smell of the plants, or from the chance to have a more comfortable spot to observe nature while waiting for the bus ride home. We hope that the school will be able to use the benches for years to come as a spot for school projects, a place to read, or even just for the decorative look.

If you've looked at our outdoor catalog before, you'll notice that the planter boxes used on either side of the seat are very similar to the ones you can purchase online on our website, under outdoor furniture. If you like this design, and want one like it, send us an e-mail, or leave a comment on our blog! We'd be more than happy to build you one like it, or even one completely different! So far the school has enjoyed their new benches, and have even added a commemorative plaque to the front of each bench to mark the occasion.

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