Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Nine Foot Harvest Table

Here at Craftsman's Corner we try to make a variety of sizes for both the Harvest table and Farm table to fit the various needs of our customers. In some cases though, even our largest six foot size isn't enough; as was the case with this custom Harvest table shown on the left. The owners of this particular table wanted to be able to seat all of their guests around a single table so that no one felt left out at another table or in another room.

The table itself has a story to tell. It began life years ago as the floor boards in a now demolished nun's convent. Notice, if you look closely, you can still see the lighter colored rafter marks running across parts of the table's surfaces, a small reminder of the table's past. While not being visible in this particular photograph, the table still retains all of the original nail holes that had, at one time held the pine planks to the rafters of the convent.

Underneath the table you'll notice the matching benches. The owners opted for two separate benches along the sides to making sitting down or getting up at the table easier. At the end of the table is a single seat; however, the opposite end is left open to allow easier passage through the kitchen area. Like the table, the benches also have a unique origin, they are constructed out of pine from older homes that had been demolished for land development.

If your interested in learning more about this custom Harvest table, or even the standard Harvest table, feel free to e-mail us! We'll continue to post more custom pieces we've built so that maybe you can come up with your very own unique Craftsman's Corner product!

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